Dropbox Desktop App | How to use it effectively on PC – [guide]

Since its release, the Dropbox Desktop App has continually been of great assistant to many business firms and individuals with its cloud storage services, helping users to organize, arrange and maintain a neat workspace at an amazingly reduced price.

Dropbox allows you to sync files online with easy accessibility through the windows explorer on your Windows PC. Also, it offers one of the most reliable cloud storage for free but with limited storage. However, upgrading to the paid plan comes unlimited features suitable for business and casual purposes.

It is worthy to note that the San-Francisco cloud storage service offers a well-developed app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. But, this post is a guide that explains how to use the Dropbox desktop app on any PC.

How to use DropBox Desktop App on Windows PC – the guide

To use the dropbox Desktop App on your PC, you have to download and install it from the Dropbox install webpage.

After installation, a pop up will appear on your screen requesting you to sign up if new to Dropbox or to sign in to an already existing account. Provide your login details and proceed.

At this point, you’ll notice that the dropbox icon has been included in your icon tray. You can click on it to access your Dropbox account.

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How to upload files to Dropbox from the desktop app

This process is a simple one but you need a guide especially if you’re new to the Dropbox Desktop App storage service.

1. Navigate to the taskbar on your PC and click on the dropbox icon.

2. From the pop up that appears click on the dropbox folder – which is usually the last icon by the top right before your profile.

3. Now, a new page will appear asking you to drag and drop a folder from your system to the ‘space’

4. Look closely below the no.3 above and click on the icon beside create new.

Dropbox desktop app user guide

5. The icon will take you to the file explorer, click on the file you’d like to upload and drag it into your dropbox folder.

Note, however, that the dropbox desktop app requires a working data network or wifi network to sync with your PC.

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