Digital Church Apps to use while in isolation

Stay connected with your religious community and keep your faith alive with these digital church apps.

As movement is being restricted and crowd gathering prohibited as a result of the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus. Churches are on lockdown too and many religious men and women are wondering how they are going to keep in touch with religious activities.

Meanwhile, staying at home is the best safety measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hence, churches seek out ways to stay connected as the COVID-19 pandemic won’t allow close contacts.

Churches are now switching to electronic streaming to keep up with members. There are a couple of digital church apps you can use to stay connected with religious activities. read on to find out.

Digital Church apps to keep you connected with religious communities


This is a church video streaming service aimed at helping ministers broadcast video online. It hosts HD video streaming for churches to stream live programs and sermon online.

This is a good means for churches to connect with members during this period of self-isolation. It has a free but limited option, but the paid plan which is just about $15 per month will serve all your need for a wonderful live gospel streaming.


Though very common among gospel ministers, it’s high pricing pushes many away, however, it can provide you with most services that others lack, an example is unlimited bandwidth and you can reach out to more viewers than most competitors. Monthly billing starts at $42.

Streaming Church

If you are looking for the church app that will allow you to share your video gospel message, sermon notes, get chats and reply from your audience then Streaming Church is the service to opt for as it’s got all the services mentioned. However, you must note that it comes with a price of $79 per month.

Vimeo’s Livestream

Vimeo Livestream offers one of the best services when it comes to video streaming. It is arguably one of the best video sharing sites on the globe at the moment. Gospel ministers can signup and share videos online. Also, you can connect to the live stream service to stay connected with religious activities.

Youtube Livestreaming

Youtube offers everyone the opportunity to stay connected, therefore, worship can always go on even in isolation. It is one of the modest means to keep up with the religious community. It is very easy to use – create a channel and share videos.

Facebook Live

It is no doubt that Facebook is a favorite for many and it houses most religious people too. The Facebook Live feature allows free video streaming on the go. It is one of the easiest ways to broadcast live gospel videos for members. Also, it is very easy to use.


WOCA is the social media community for catholics. It functions just like Facebook, you signup and create a profile from where you can access a large community of catholic faithfulls. Also, you can download the app on your phone and stay connected with the catholic community on

Offerings and Donations

Since everything is digital now, making payments such as tithes, offerings, and donations can be made online too. You can opt for one of the payment mediums available such as online bank transfers or through the use of Venmo or Paypal. Also, you can use Payoneer to make and receive payments.

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