How to Detect Hidden Camera with your Phone | Simple Tips

It is easier for people to spy on you with a pinhole camera, this could be for security reason or otherwise, mostly, hotels don’t compromise its security. However, you can detect hidden camera with your phone and prevent people from monitoring your privacy using the simple tips in this post.

There are many things you can do with your smartphone that you might not be aware of yet. The advance in technology and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smartphones makes it function more than just a phone. Now, you can use it to detect hidden camera in any room.

It is unfortunate how people’s privacy are being leaked because the had no idea that their actions are being recorded by sophisticated hidden pinhole camera which are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. Hence, use these tips shared below to detect hidden camera anytime you enter a new room.

How to Detect Hidden Camera with your Phone | Step-by-step guide

  • When you get into a room, close the curtains and turn off all the lights. Just make sure the room is dark enough.
  • Put on your phone and open your camera. Make sure the camera flash is turned off
  • With your phone camera, slowly scan through the room in the dark.
  • .Be on the look out for a red dot or red blinking light, this will appear on the screen of your phone once you come across a hidden camera with your phone camera.
  • The absence of any dots signifies that the room is free of hidden camera.

In some cases, the camera may be hidden on the television, wall clock, or behind the door. Also, you can use sophisticated scanners to scan for high recording devices in a room, especially if you are the type that like to sleep naked.

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