Create a Fundraiser on Facebook – The Guide

If you’re looking for the best and an easier way to create a good fundraiser on Facebook for you to get more donation from supporters, here is the update that will help you create a successful fund raising campaign on Facebook.

Arguably, Facebook is the number one social media platform with a network of over 2.4 billion global audience. It is where you reach out to most friends as well as benefactors. Therefore, creating a fundraiser on Facebook will not only just get you closer to donors but will also inspire people to help others.

Also, current events has inspired people to seek a new way to create a good fundraiser on Facebook that is transparent and free of scam. Most charity organizations like the Red Cross use this medium to get funds to assist families especially during the period of coronavirus pandemic.

But what is the best way to create a good fundraiser on Facebook?

How to Create good Fundraiser on Facebook

1. Log on to Facebook and navigate to the Fundraiser page. The link to Fundraiser page is always on the Explore list by the left side of your news feed (if you’re using PC)

2. For most users you may see a green Raise Money button on the left side bar to open a raise money window. However, if you can’t see the Raise Money button, click on the “About” link and select the purpose of your fundraising campaign.

3. Also, if you’re using a PC you will see a Fundraiser Category list on the right side of the page.

You can create a fundraisers for nonprofits and for personal causes on Facebook

4. To continue, click or tap on Get Started button. This will display 3 fundraising options: Friend, Nonprofit, or Yourself. Select the option that is best fit for your purpose and move on to “Basics” section to complete the steps.

5. Next, set a target for the fundraising campaign. You can always change the target later, Therefore, it is advisable to start from a lower target.

6. Set a duration for your fundraising campaign. This will help your friends know when the donations will end.

7. Proceed to select a category for your fundraiser e.g medical, education, sports and others. This option is for those creating a personal or Friend Fundraising only.

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8. Give it a descriptive caption. This is what makes your Fundraiser standout among others on Facebook. A good descriptive caption must be precise, short, and easy to memorize. This is not the time to apply a call to action.

9. Move to the story section and tell your story. Here you can apply all the technique necessary to pass your message and you can use call to action here. However, be mindful not to over emphasize on money or the donations. Talk more on the value it will make at the end.

10. A good cover photo is necessary though not compulsory but to make it one of the best fundraising campaign on Facebook you have to pick a good cover photo that will represent your idea. Be mindful that pictures tell a lot of story.

11. If you have completed the above steps successfully, it is now time to hit the Create button. Note that all fundraiser on Facebook is public and anybody can see it.

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Are you having problems while creating a fundraiser? if you experience hitches while creating your fundraiser on Facebook please go to to lodge your complaint. Also, note that the Fundraiser is not available to users in some countries.

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