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Do you miss an old friend? do you wish go back in time so you can have another opportunity to talk to that high school crush of yours?. All of these and many other reasons can generate nostalgic feelings that will keep one thinking about the past – but here’s the good news, on login, search, and connect with that high school friend online. provides users the opportunity to connect with friends from high school, plan for reunions and share experiences over the internet. It is a social networking platform based in the U.S and serves users based on States and locations.

Basically, the login platform is aimed at helping individuals connect with friends from all levels ranging from Kindergarten, Primary School, High School, College, and Workplace. Also, veterans from the U.S military can connect with colleagues on the platform too.

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How to Use login to connect with friends login review

To connect with friends online using the login may require signing up for an account and selecting the state and the level you’d want to connect with. Be mindful that the platform does not entertain screen names, you can only use your full names to register and search for friends.

Follow through the guide below to set up an account and connect with friends.

Step 1. With your web browser, log on to

Step 2. On the location page that pops out, select the state in which you graduated and proceed. login guide

Step 3. Next, select the alphabet that correspond with your hometown, the city of the school and the name of the school.

Step 4. Now, fill out the registration form that appears on the screen.

Step 5. At this point, the school homepage will appear with a list of people from the school who are signed to

You can navigate through the categories and search with last name. Also, specify the year for easy search.

Now you are online, you can search for whoever you want to connect with online. Use this process on this login guide to access and connect with friends from the memory lane.

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