Boost your WiFi signal with these 6 ultimate guidlines

Over time you might have noticed that your once ultra-fast WiFi network is gradually getting slower in performance. This can be a result of lagging a network signal and it can be so irritating. Imagine streaming your best TV show online and suddenly everything starts hanging preventing you from having a good time – heck no, who wants that?

If you must enjoy a good time surfing the internet, you need to make sure your WiFi network is operating at an optimal level by continuously checking and boosting the signal from time to time. Below is are 6 easy steps to help you boost your WiFi signal.

How to Boost your WiFi Signal – the guide

Boost your WiFi signal - guide

1. Keep your Router Up to date

Constantly, WiFi network providers keep releasing new updates with enhancements that add value to the consumer, this is one of the ways manufacturers keep consumers glued to their products. While you keep updating your router firmware, you’ll keep enjoying maximum network speed in the absence of all hindrances.

2. Review your WiFi Router Placement

The location of your router can result in low network signals, especially if there are obstructive barriers like microwaves, subdivisions, baby monitors and related objects. You can start by looking for an airy location for your router.

3. Review WiFi configuration

If you’ve updated your router firmware as in no. 1 above, it becomes necessary that you review your configuration. Tweak around and choose a suitable frequency.

4. Control the number of connections on the Network

Your WiFi network signal can become too sluggish when it becomes clumsy with many users at the same time. To avoid this, you have to curtail the number of connections per time. You can create a unique password and username to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network.

5. Opt for a stronger antenna

The addition of an external antenna can go along way in strengthening your WiFi signal. There are many third-party retail outlets like Amazon that offer good antenna at reasonable prices.

6. Use WiFi Booster

WiFi boosters help attract better signals to your network. Often times users referred to it as ‘Extenders’ or ‘Repeater’. But the name does not matter as much as the function and that is where the gig lies. Get one and set it up for the optimal performance of your WiFi network signal.

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