Best Email Forwarding Services in 2020

Thinking of the best email forwarding service to help you route your mails from different email addresses to a preferred email address. Here is a list of the best services to opt from in 2020.

Operating multiple email addresses can be tiresome – having to toggle through each of them from time to time to check for mails. Preferably, email forwarding services acts as a channel to route emails coming from different email addresses to one address. This service is very helpful to business people managing multiple email addresses.

There are many email services but in this post, however, is a list of some of the best email services that’ll guarantee a nice experience for users in 2020 and beyond.

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Best Email Forwarding Services

1. Pobox

Pobox offers one of the most user-friendly services with unique premium plans to choose from. Also, it offers a free trial period for intending subscribers to walk through the service and get familiar with before purchasing or upgrading to the paid plans. Get started with Pobox today

2. Forward Email

Forward email offers a free service with no credit card details required. It is an open-source platform and places a high priority on privacy. If you’re looking for a reliable free service then Forward Email is sure to provide you with the best service. Get started with Forward Email.

3. ForwardMX

ForwardMX offers paid email forwarding service at an affordable price with 30 days free trial period. Pricing goes for as low as US$9 per year for mini-plans to about US$99 per annual for enterprises. Get started with ForwardMX.

4. Doucircle

Doucircle places a high priority on security with TLS encryption. It offers one of the best services with lots of features. Though the pricing is a bit on the high side, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get started with Doucircle.

5. Mailgun

The Mailgun email forwarding service is mainly for developers with an advanced application programming interface (API), but that doesn’t imply that it is not suitable for non-developers. It operates cloud-based services, and users can signup for free, however, the pricing begins to roll in as you progress over time. Get started with Mailgun.

6. ImprovMX

ImprovMX offers both free service and premium service. It is easy to set up and requires no registration. Also, it provides a reliable customer support program. Get started with ImprovMX.

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