Best Cloud Storage for business in 2020

There’s been a remarkable increase in the dependency of small and midsize businesses [SMBs] on cloud storage. This increase in demand has risen over the past decade and businesses as well as individual consumers are tapping into the cloud. However, the big question is how to get the best cloud storage option.

The advent of cloud-based storage is a major innovation in the cloud computing space and its advantage for business can’t be overemphasized. Aside from the fact that it is cost-effective, it is an avenue to scale up business enterprises.

Benefits of cloud-based storage for Business

1. Unlimited storage capacity: The cloud offers unlimited storage capacity to businesses while riding off bulkiness and makes data increasingly accessible whenever it is needed.

2. Zero Bulkiness: The advent of cloud computing removes the need for buying bulky hardware and long installation processes.

3. Ease of Use: It is easy to set up and manage as it does not require advance tech-knowledge to deploy.

4. Flexible and Scalable: Cloud computing is not restricted by time or location. It can be accessed whenever and wherever with any device connected to the cloud.

5. It Saves Time: Because it is highly automated with easy access. It accelerates the use of time.

Having analyzed the benefits thereof, let’s quickly review the best cloud storage options suitable for business.

Best Cloud Storage Options for Business

Best cloud storage for business

1. Egnyte Cloud: Is one of the best for IT investment cloud computing options to look for in 2020. It offers good synchronization and sharing of data between cloud software and clients. Highly integrated for mobile and desktop apps.

2. Zoozl Cloud: Good for business and individual consumer deployment. Like Egnyte, it integrates the cloud infrastructure with on-premises devices. In addition to its qualities is its user-friendly interface. It is one of the best virtual infrastructures to look for by business enterprises in 2020.

3. Rackspace: This is one of the best cloud storage providers. Offering numerous benefits alongside its cloud infrastructures like the Rackspace webmail and email login.

4. OneDrive: Powered by Google, it boasts as one of the best cloud storage infrastructure that supports mobile devices. It is highly integrated with Ofiice 365 and other Microsoft products. It provides personal vault for most sensitive data. It is a good choice for business because it is fast, reliable and secure.

5. Wasabi Hot Cloud: Although new in the cloud when compared to most of them on this list. However, its services are great and one to look out for by business enterprises in 2020. It offers the best integration with other devices and it is relatively less expensive.

6. Google Drive: Though easy to set up, it also has one of the most friendly user interfaces. Good for Android and Microsoft devices. It offers a free 15GB for a start but is scalable to 30TB at a reasonable price.

7. Box Cloud: It is very compatible with many on-premises devices with unlimited storage capacity. Though it seems to be a little expensive, it is worth it based on its high-security standard.

8. pCloud: Very affordable and easy to deploy. It provides a workable interface and secure encryption. With pCloud massive sharing of bulky files and data is possible in a jiffy. One outstanding feature of the pCloud storage is that it offers a lifetime subscription pack – a rare feature, especially among the cloud computing space.

9. LiveDrive Cloud: It provides an unlimited backup option. It also offers an affiliate program that enables users to earn by reselling the products. Although it offers a limited number of features when compared to other options on this list of best cloud storage for 2020, it is relatively expensive in comparison.

Alright, there are many other cloud infrastructure that didn’t make it in this list, the ones on this list are carefully selected to guide to make a choice. However, users can see other cloud storage buyer advice.

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