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Banner life insurance review

Banner Life Insurance is formed from the parent organization Legal & General America. It’s one of the top five providers of term life insurance in the US. Again, it’s one of the most financially sound life insurers, issuing over $58 billion in new coverage in 2018.

Moreover, they focus more on keeping life insurance affordable and protecting your retirement. Likewise, providing high-quality and efficient customer service.

Meanwhile, at Banner Life insurance, you can get affordable life insurance that provides financial protection to the people you care about.

In this article, therefore, you’ll learn how to sign up for Banner Life insurance and also the login procedures.

Banner Life Insurance Login Steps

To successfully log in to your Banner Life account, kindly follow these steps below;

1. Visit the Banner Life’s official website via this link here

2. On the homepage, locate Sign In tab at the top right-hand corner and click on it.

banner life login steps

3. From the next page, Key in your Email Address/User ID and Password

4. Next, hit the Sign In button.

Once you follow these steps, you will access your account if the details entered are correct.

How to Sign Up for an Account

If you don’t have an account with Banner Life insurance group yet, don’t panic, there’s still space for you. Just act fast and follow these steps below;

1. Follow the first two steps above

2. From the Login page, click on the link under the sign-in button that says; Don’t have an account with Legal & General America?

Banner life insurance sign up

3. Now on the next page, start to fill the relevant data about yourself as required

4. Continue the process to the last stage

5. Then confirm your account registration.

Great you made it! You now have an account with Banner Life Insurance and can now have access to the services they render in offering affordable life insurance and providing financial protection.

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How to Recover Banner Life Insurance Login Password

You might tend to forget the login password to your Banner Life account. But nothing can actually stop you from logging in. That’s why there is this guide for you. Just follow these steps to recover or reset your password if lost or forgotten.

1. Follow the first two steps as in the login steps above

2. On the login page, opt to click on Forgot Password under the Sign In button

Banner life insurance password recovery

3. You’ll have to provide your email address or username

4. From the link sent to your email, click on it and reset your password.

There you have your account back to life again!

So now you see, not even a lost password will stop you from signing in to your Banner Life Insurance account. This article presents you with a chance to sign up for a term life insurance at a price that you can afford.

Why not take the opportunity now?

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