How to Apply for Australian National University Tuition Fee Scholarship (Full Scholarship) 2020/2021

The Australian National University tuition fee scholarship is a full tuition fee scholarship grant to international students in the Mphil level program in the field of Philosophy as offered by the University. The scholarship is open and will remain open till the 31st of March 2021, which is the deadline for all applications.

About Australian National University

The Australian National Open University was established about 74 years ago, precisely in 1946. It is a national research institution situated in Canberra, Acton, Australia. The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs to both local and international students.

The University ranks among the top 10 in the world for anthropology, earth and marine science. It also ranks as one of the best in philosophy, politics, sociology, geography, and geology in the world

How to Apply for the Australian National University Tuition Fee Scholarship – Full Tuition Fee MPhil Scholarships 2020/2021

The ANU Tuition Scholarship are funded and awarded by individual Colleges, it is also determined by such college as part of its application process. The scholarship covers international student tuition fees.

To qualify for the Australian National University tuition fee scholarship, the applicant must possess a Bachelor’s degree with first-class or upper second-class honors or a Master’s degree from a well-recognized university.

Secondly, this scholarship is for international students who intend to pursue a Master degree in Philosophy MPhil.

Applicants are strongly advised to reach out to the relevant Graduate Studies Convener or a prospective supervisor, before submitting an application, to discuss the proposed research topic and any other related matter.

It is worthy to note that the National University Tuition fee scholarship will cover awardee full tuition for one year. In the same vein, all application must be completed and submitted before the 31st of March 2021 which is the deadline for all submission.

See the University Portal for more information.

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