Angellist Startups Guide – Simple way to set up the AngelList profile

Angellist startups guide

The first time I came across AngelList Startups, I was somewhat confused. Then, I was browsing about cloud computing because am a freak when it comes to the limitless operations one can do using virtual machines. However, when it came up and I saw offers for startups and job seekers. I was like “it’s too good to be true,” honestly, I had to go deeper to know more.

What is AngelList?

One of the most important thing to know about AngelList is that it is a website that is dedicated to link startups with investors and job seekers. The platform connects talents/ideas with angel investors and job seekers who are open to working in partnership.

Therefore, it is not wrong for anyone to say that AngelList is an investment platform that offers to fund business at startup levels.

If at this point, you are not familiar with the term angel investment, then, what I’ve written so far might be kind of confusing to you. I encountered such experience too. However, you’re covered because I offered a further explanation in this post.

Furthermore, if you’re conversant with the way recent online dating sites operates by linking up people based on their likes and interest. That is how the AngelList Startups works too, by linking startup ideas with interested investors called Angel Investors. It is that simple.

How Does Angellist Startups work?

A typical example that will portray how AngelList works can be demonstrated with a builder who makes an architectural design of a building and sends it for approval, once approved, he calls other assistants to help erect the building. That’s exactly how this platform works.

AngelList Startups review

For the AngelList Startups, individuals or firm that seeks business startup are required to submit an application privately to the platform and upon approval, a list of recommended investors will be made available to the individual or firm, who now choose from the list an investor to reach out to.

It is worthy to note that, there are different kinds of investors available at AngelList.

Quickly, let’s go through some of the investment options available on the platform.

  1. The Angel Investor: This is a wealthy individual that provides startup funds for a business.
  2. AngelList Syndicate: Here, the syndicate acts as an intermediary, by connecting with other investors and subsequently investing the pooled funds into a startup.

Moreso, if you’re a job seeker the AngelList startup platform offers you an opportunity at getting a big shot from top companies. All you need to do is to create a profile and swipe through the available options on the platform.

It will interest you to know that over 36,000 companies hire job seekers at AngelList.

How to Setup an AngelList Startup Profile

To create a profile follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log on to AngelList and click on ‘Join’ – this is located at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Select a signup option. The options available include Facebook, Twitter, and Google. However, you can choose to type in your full name, provide an email address and a password. Then hit the signup tab.

If asked for any other means of verification provide it and continue to tweak around your profile to have it look attractive.

Step 3: Click on the picture icon located at the top of your account dashboard and select add profile. Continue to provide all the details needed for your profile until it is finished.

How to delete AngelList Account

If at any point you want to delete your AngelList account, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to your account dashboard and click on account settings

Step 2: Scroll down and select the delete account option.

Step 3: Provide a mode of verification and click enter to confirm the deletion order.

Before, you go ahead to create an account, it is always advisable that you review your details offline and provide those details that will attract an investor or employer for those seeking a job. Also, you can have to get insights about angelList business funding to help broaden your knowledge and in enhancing your ideas too.

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