Alison account login | How to fix login Problem

If you are having issues with your Alison account login, there are few hacks to fix login problems on the Alison e-learning platform. The online learning website provides options to create and edit account information but with these tips you can fix other login issues that may arise.

Alison is a free and paid e-learning platform, founded by Mike Feerick in 2007. He is an Irish entrepreneur and specializes in educational technology. The program on Alison’s e-learning platform is available to all with no Geo-restriction.

How to Fix Login Problems

1. Edit Your Profile Details – you can make changes to your profile information on your Alison account login dashboard. The quick steps below will guide you.

  • Sign-in to your Alison account and go to your profile.
  • Click on View Profile Options and select the section you wish to edit.
  • Make your changes and Click on Save once you finish.

2. How to recover lost password – When you can’t login because of a forgotten password issue. Simply do the following.

  • Go to the Alison Account Login page and click on the Forgotten password link.
  • Enter your email address and click on Reset my password.
  • Then go to your email and check for the link to setup a new password.

3. Alison Account Login error message – How to fix problem.

When you can’t access your account and you see error message like “invalid login details”. This could be because of any of the following;

  • Wrong email and password combination,
  • Letter or figure misplacement or not present,
  • Email yet to be confirmed.

Check for the issues mentioned and effect all possible corrections. For the email verification, go to the email box of the address used in signing up and click on the verification link from Alison e-learning and follow the on-screen instructions.

Further complaints can be channeled to Alison’s customer support email address.

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