How to add Snapchat filters to your Zoom videos on Desktop

Snapchat is characterized with crazy filters and countless options as to where and how to use them. Adding it during remote meetings is not a bad idea as most of the video chat apps on PC support it. This integration is mind-blowing and brings about a little touch of humor and fun when applied to your zoom videos.

This is one usefulness of the Snap camera app on your desktop, to add Snapchat filters to your zoom videos as well as other Video chat apps such as Hangouts, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more.

If you’ve tried this before and encountered a hitch during the processes, worry no more. With this guide, you can add and remove Snapchat filters to your Zoom videos.

How to Add Snapchat Filters to your Zoom Video | Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Download and Install the Snap Camera App on your PC. Ensure that your device is running on 64bit and above for Windows or macOS 10.11 and above.

Step 2: After the Installation process, launch the Snap camera app and go through the preview templates displayed. Here, you can select from the list of filters displayed at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, if at this point the options mentioned above is not displayed. You may probably see a write that reads “No available camera input”. When this is the case, close the app and open it after a few seconds.

If it persists, click on the settings gear icon at the top-right corner of the page and select a preferred camera option.

Step 3: To add your preferred filter to your Zoom video or video chat meetings, simply leave the snap camera app running in the background by minimizing it and open your video chat app.

Step 4: Now, change the input camera on your zoom by clicking on the gear icon by the top right corner of your zoom app and select the option marked “video”.

Step 5: Next, select Snap camera from the drop box that will appear next to the camera. This will add the Snapchat filter you selected previously to your Zoom videos.

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Alternatively, if you’re in a video meeting and you want to spice up the fun online, you can add the Snapchat filter to your zoom meeting. Here’s how you can do that while your meeting is ongoing.

  • Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the Zoom video next to “Start video”.
  • Select Snap Camera from the options on the pop-up list.

This will apply the Snapchat filter to your Zoom video instantly.

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