Add music to your Instagram story | A Step-by-step guide

It is easy to add music to your Instagram story, you can select from the wide options available in the library or you can add a custom tune. Either way, the idea is to get a good tune that will help to tell your story on Instagram.

As obvious as the old saying goes “music is the food of the soul”, adding music to your Instagram story can attract more viewers and increase engagement on your IG account. It can possibly trigger a conversation as well as give answers to many questions.

Similar to adding music to your Facebook story, the option to add music to your Instagram story can be accessed easily by tapping on the music sticker. The steps are explained in the guide below.

How to add music to your Instagram story

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and tap on ‘Your Story’ in the top left corner.

Step 2: Select the photo or video clip you want to share on your Instagram story.

Step 3: Look at the top of your screen and tap on the sticker icon which is usually third from the right.

Step 4: Now, a screen with a list of sticker options will pop on the screen, select the on marked ‘Music’ by simply tapping on it with your finger.

Step 5: Next, scroll through the different selections. You can either select from a list of recommended songs by tapping on “For You” or you can browse through different genres and moods, for the later option tap on “Browse”.

Step 6: If you’ve selected the music to add to your Instagram story, now is time to set the duration you want it to play. The maximum duration is 15 seconds while the minimum is 5 seconds. You can toggle on the slider at the bottom of the screen to select the specific part you’d like to be played.

Step 7: Finally, before you post your story, you can customize how the story will appear alongside the music on Instagram. You select from the formats displayed at the bottom of the screen just above the slider. Also, you can make changes to your text color, fonts and size.

Now, your story is ready and you share it with the music. Meanwhile, you can also add a music from your own media library. Just make sure to trim it to the 15 seconds timing.

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