How to activate system Dark mode on Android 10 – Complete Guide

We are in the era of dark mode – that’s more likely the best phrase to describe this latest trends with many developers striving to add this feature on recent innovations. Android is not left out, as the smartphone giant has included the dark mode feature on the latest version of its series, the Andriod 10.

Though there’s yet a couple of arguments going on about the health benefits of using the dark mode on device especially with relation to the eye, there are more benefits associated with this feature. One of such is that it reduces the rate at which your charged up battery is drained.

Alright, quickly let’s take a look at the pros and cons associated with this feature.

Pros and Cons of the Dark Mode


  • It is very good for maintaining long-lasting battery life.
  • It helps reduce eye-straining by placing light text on black backgrounds
  • It is suitable for use in the day and at night.
  • It helps to reduce the amount of light emitted by your device, thereby giving the design a new look.


  • Some users argue that it minimizes their ability to perceive colors.
  • Due to the white text on black background, long texts might appear clumsy.

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Having had a clue on the pros and cons, let’s jump into the step by step guide for activating it.

How to Activate DarkMode on Android 10 OS Device

Activate dark mode on android 10

Step 1. Pick up your device and head straight to the ‘Settings.’

Step 2. From the options, tap on Display.

Step 3. Now scroll down to Dark theme and tap on the switch to turn it On.

Once you’ve turned it ON, the whole display appearance on your device turns dark except for some apps which are yet to upgrade to the dark mode trend.

Note that this feature is exclusive to Android version 10, however, if you have a lower version and you want to activate this feature, there is an option for you.

There is a third-party app that Android users can install on their smartphones to enable the feature on the device. This dark mode app is available for download on Playstore.

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