6 Dating tips for the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic put most aspects of life to a halt. It triggered off social distancing, which has completely changed dating, now our lives and daily activities have been greatly affected.

But how can you keep up with your date during the coronavirus pandemic?

Though there’s been a brake in almost all outdoor activities, online activities are on the rise with people seeking reliable means to stay connected during social distancing. This is evident in the increase in online dating.

These dating tips will help you keep up with your dates despite the lock-down as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. It will help you maintain a good relationship online without getting bored.

6 Dating tips for the Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Build Up Your Connections

Building your dating connections requires using different dating apps or dating sites to stay connected with your date. Most dating sites have fun games and virtual activities you can engage in. If your date is not registered on a particular site that you are signed in, pressure them to sign up and stay connected with them.

2. Take Advantage of Virtual communities

There are many virtual communities like secondlife.com, where you can create a virtual profile and visit virtual places with your date. You can make a list of things you’d like to do with your date online and take on them one at a time, it will spice up your virtual relationship.

3. Work on your Dating Profile

While at home, this is the right time to work on your profile to make it more attractive. Your profile tell a lot about you, make it catchy and add a little twist to it that will make your date want to know more about you. This is just the time to create the right online personality for yourself.

4. Build Emotional Connections

It takes patient to build emotional connections, of course there is no doubt that you’ll be too anxious to meet with your date in real person but if you can be a little patient and engage in emotional talks and gestures online, it may clam your anxiety.

5. Keep your conversation flowing

Good conversation should be your priority at the moment therefore you must try to stay online. But if you can’t stay online for long, you must create a way to keep communicating offline, whatever you do let there be no break in communication.

6. Video dating is crucial

Yes, Video dating is one of the ways to keep your online dating interesting and engaging. During the coronavirus pandemic, the best way to stay connected with your date is through video chatting. You can use video chat platforms like Facetime, Skype, Zoom and a host of others to stay connected with your date online.

Use these dating tips to keep and maintain your relationship during the covid19 lock-down.

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