The top 5 Rules Guiding Strong Passwords | How to Protect your Login Credentials

How to create and manage strong passwordsNowadays, we spend more time online than ever, socializing with friends and family, transact businesses, and watch favorite series or soap. But if you don’t use strong passwords on your online accounts then you might just be expecting a potential phishing attack.

Of course, there are safety measures you can take to ensure you don’t become a victim of online scams or hacks, using strong passwords is the first and arguably the most important measure you shouldn’t mess with.

I came across a write up that reads “the key to your online security is to have strong passwords” and that pushed me to write this guide. The truth is most of us know that using unique login credentials is paramount for safety but the problem arises when you have to create different passwords across different platforms.

Now the question becomes, how do I create and manage multiple login credentials?

This is very important because you do not want to use the same login details across multiple platforms, no, this can be very detrimental and I advise you should not try it. And if you’re a victim already – don’t worry by the end of this post you will have gotten more understanding on how to create a strong password and protect it.

How to Create and Protect Strong Passwords – 5 cardinal tips

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