10 Addictive Tech Gadgets that will mess up your mind

10 Addictive Tech Gadgets that will mess up your mindYes, there are a lot of tech gadgets rolling out everyday, which in truth you are yet to discover. Some of them can ultimately become addictive when you start engaging with them and you can hardly tell when and how it happens.

Now technology is taking a new leap from the usual to the unusual and believe me when I say it is becoming addictive. I know we rely on it for the task but have you thought about the fun?

Check out the top 10 tech gadgets that you can’t do without

1. Smartphone Screen Magnifier

It is very difficult to disconnect one from his or her smartphone because people are literally glued to their smartphone. The Smartphone screen magnifier helps to relief you off the pain of straining your eyes by magnifying your phone screen up to four or more times its original size.

Aside from using the Screen Magnifier to improve your views from your smartphone, it serves also as a protective gear from piercing ray of light from your phone which might be harmful to the eyes. You can get a couple of them on Amazon and some online stores.

2. Smart Lock

Now technology have revolutionized and revamped the way we keep our house and office doors safe, with the new Smart Lock – a small device that enables you to auto – unlock and auto-lock doors.

But you’re not just installing this auto-lock hardware tech gadget for yourself alone, it allows you to create a unique key for your guests and keep track of all that goes through your door from smartphones.

3. PowerWatch Smartwatch

Like a fitness tracker, the PowerWatch Smartwatch keeps you updated on your heart rate, step count, and temperature. It is just like the usual smartwatch except that you don’t need to charge it.

Yes, it taps energy from your body heat, so as long as it remains on your wrist it is recharging itself, hence the name power watch. You can get them on Amazon and on retail outlets in your neighborhood.

4. Bluetooth Music Headband

Just like me, I know most of us have once wished for something more convenient than just a cordless headphone. If you go out in the morning for a quick jog around the neighborhood or when fishing, the new elastic Bluetooth headband keeps you connected to your device.

As smart as it sounds the Bluetooth headband connects to any nearby Bluetooth-enabled device within 30 feet. You can order for one on Amazon today.

5. iPhone Tripod

Phone photography is taking on a new leap and with the increase in remote meetings, the new adjustable phone tripod is one of the gadget’s that comes with its value and convenience.

The adjustable pivot design and no-slip feet can help to elevate your iPhone photography to a great standard. With this new tech gadget, you no longer need to worry about keeping your camera at arm’s length in order to accommodate everyone into a selfie. iPhone tripod, which is available for purchase at Amazon, just perfect for displaying an impromptu slideshow, especially when you show off your recreational pictures to family and friends.

6. Electronic Battery Charger

Nowadays using single-use batteries to power your home appliances such as your flashlights, remote controls, and other household electronics can be more demanding and costly. Thus, instead of buying new packs of batteries many times in a short while, investing in an electronic battery charger like this one will not only save you funds but also save you from lots of stress.

Again, with this sort of tech gadget, you will always be sure that you are never without batteries, especially when you need them. Battery Charger device has a three-settings-method for quick power-ups which doesn’t let you go a moment a without battery power.

7. uHome

You and I know how irritating it is for home invaders such as insects and rodents to sneak around our homes. However, thanks to uHome tech device that answers the question of how to get rid of and prevent the infestations of such creatures.

In most cases, kill traps don’t fit the bill, and that’s why uHome becomes an attractive alternative. The tech gadget emits powerful and penetrating ultrasound waves, that simply drives its targets away, instead of killing them. Interestingly, the sound waves from the device are not audible to the hearing of human ears but loud enough to pursue the likes of spiders, cockroaches, ants, mice, and lots more.

Although household pets such as cats and guinea pigs can be sensitive to uHome technology’s noise, pets such as dogs don’t mind it. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.

8. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

You might be ignorant of the fact that your toothbrush can easily get contaminated with viral germs. That can be forgivable, but not after coming across this article and you fail to take an action about it. So, now is that right time to start worrying about your toothbrush and start taking care of it at the same time.

Unfortunately, droplets splashed from nearby toilet flushes and other gross bacteria can cover even your toothbrush without you knowing. But that is a little issue now, thanks to this Pursoric sanitanizer case that can kill 99.99 percent of germs with the help of UV light within a few minutes. At the end of sanitizing, the sanitizing device returns to being a simple case for your toothbrush.

9. Automatic Pet Feeder

You should definitely be worried when you are away from home, leaving back that your favorite pet under nobody’s care. Why? Because while you have your lunch at the office, your pet may be staring at a thin air at home hoping to be fed.

However, should you be concerned how your furry friend could be getting enough meal while you are away, you can now schedule its perfect portion of meals for the exact time when it needed with the help of an automatic pet feeder. No pet lover would like to miss out on this tech gadget, especially when you spend most of your hours outside your home.

10. Vintar LED Toilet Night Light

This awesome tech gadget lets you to worry less about the dangers of making use of your bathroom at night by detecting any body heat through 170-degree motion sensor technology.

The technology device has 16 color choices and five brightness levels. Once you enter the bathroom, the Vintar LED Toilet Night Light will illuminate with one of the colors and will equally shut off when you leave the bathroom. So automatically, you don’t need to search for the bathroom light switch again!

Take Away

Bet me, you won’t like to miss out on any of these latest and smart tech gadgets because most of them are money-saving, time-saving, and some times life-saving. Hence, before going away from this web page, make sure that you acquire any of these gadgets for easy living.

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